Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Keva!!!!

Following our important family tradition of little to no patience Keva got to open his presents over breakfast this morning. Unfortunately there are no photos as bath robes and bed hair do not photograph well. It is hard to say but I think his favourite gifts were the New Super Mario Brothers and the embarassing joke gift of a Banana Keeper.

We started out the evening festivities with Chinese Take Out per Keva's request. Kale thought the chopsticks were the best part of the meal and promptly poked Keva in the eye when I tried to take a picture of the two of them.

When Keva tried to take away the offending chopstick he was all tears and cries for Mama.

The dessert helped us get back on track. Lemon Meringue Pie! Not quite a traditional birthday cake but the perfect treat for his early fall birthday.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sam and Kale

Sam came over to play this afternoon and he and Kale played really well together (aside from a little biting near the end).

Kale tried to sit on Sam's lap when Sam was using the rocker.

Competing for the tennis/basketballs.

Kale helping with the dishes

Everytime I turn my back he does something different.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Flying home

Groggy early morning diaper changes in the airport.

Visiting Poe & Mark in DC

After Richmond we headed up to DC for a quick visit with Kale's Great Aunt Poe and Great Uncle Mark.
Hanging out on the livingroom floor.

They are smiling because they are looking at pictures of Kale I am sure.

Lile and Roscoe hid from Kale the entire time we were there. They came out one night after he had gone to bed and sniffed out everything of theirs Kale had touched. This scratching block had made a great walking toy for Kale and was covered in baby scent.

A few more from Richmond

Kale loved using PaPa's walker even if he had to reach way up to grab it.

Because we were sleeping in a regular bed (not a mattress on the ground) Kale needed supervision during his naps and Keva really enjoyed 'supervising' naps with him.

Kale grinning in anticipation of a trip down the slide.

Kale really had a chance to settle into this visit and was letting grandma cuddle and soothe him more than he had ever done in the past. It was nice to see and Keva and I enjoyed having a few moments of baby free time even if we didn't quite make it out on a date.

A much deserved break

I have been having fantasies of a pedicure all summer long, now that it is after Labour day I finally managed to get one. Keva's mum and I had our toes done while the boys took a walk.
Arlene in the chair

Our feet up under the drying lights

While were were so occupied the boys got ice cream instead of taking that walk. We found out because Kale was covered in sprinkles when they came back to meet us.

Here is Kale reaching into a cup full of blue sprinkles, the things dads let their kids do that the mums would never approve of.
Sprinkle Satisfaction.

More Richmond

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Arlene

Great Grandma Helen and Great Grandpa Bill (PaPa)

More of the Dranoff clan

Richmond Visit

We flew out to Richmond on Labour Day to visit Keva's Mom's family and Kale's great grand parents. Robyn and Ryan had flown out for the weekend so we got to visit with them briefly before they flew out again.

Kale loved being walked by his Auntie

He wasn't so sure about being held

Until Ryan started throwing him up in the air, that brought out the giggles.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rice Noodle Madness

Curried tempeh over rice noodles....mmmmm tasty. Kale was digging on dinner tonight and managed to schmear noodles over his hands, his father and of course his face. Unfortunately the pictures only managed to show the noodles schmeared all over the table.