Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

We took Kale out to two houses for trick-or-treating since it was his second Halloween and then we hung out at home giving out candy to all of the kids who came to our door. There were some great costumes and Kale enjoyed the whole experience. Between trick-or-treaters we had a little fun with our lobster.

Hmmm whats in the pot?
Nope Nope, I'll be having none of that.

Get me out of here!

Resigned to his fate

He even helped put on the lid.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Animals at the Park

Aiden was master of the slide.
While Kale was busy working on getting the chipmunk to dance.

Cruisers Halloween Party

Some fun pictures from the 'Cruisers' Halloween party.

Faolan the dog descending on the younger babies.

Aiden the pig and Kale the lobster fighting it out over a balloon.

Kale frustrated that he can't quite make the butterfly cruiser go as fast as his radio flyer (his legs aren't quite long enough).

Faolan checking the mail.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daddy's new haircut

Keva asked me to shave his head this weekend and we did the deed last night. I left a little forelock with the hopes that he would tie a bow around it and go to todays party as a baby girl. He created his pirate costume to avoid that fate and made sure the forelock was tightly tucked inside his bandana. Oh well, the world will still know his secret because I am posting it here on this blog...

Happy Halloween (almost)

Keva's work hosted a big Halloween party this afternoon so we trooped on over to the event.

Kale having a cracker in the car seat on the way over.

The farmily heading into the party, Kale looks less than enthused but his mood improves.

Kale meets the goats. He is much more enthusiastic than he was at the petting zoo farm a few weeks ago.

He even found another goat.

While his piratey Papa watched from the fence.
What? Go home? Already?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby Toy? Dog Toy?

We went and visited the Moskowitz Grandparents today and Kale had a great time playing with the dog, exploring a new house, tipping over the dog's bowl, discovering the joys of jello, and feeding his toys to the dog. None of them disappeared but it was close.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wet Butt Parenting

Keva and I are practicing the art of wet butt parenting. The fall rains have come and we didn't think to move the back yard rocking chair onto the front porch. When Keva went to give Kale his 'night time cuddles' he got a little damp but kept Kale warm and dry in a big fleece blanket. My wet butt came from letting Kale talk me into going down the slides at the park with him. Not something I plan on repeating because walking all the way home with a cold tusch on a windy day is not my idea of a good time.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall walking...

As you could see from the previous post Kale was a bit stir crazy house bound this morning so we headed out to the park. The leaves were swirling and it was a beautiful crisp fall day.

Kale sitting amongst the leaves.

Kale buried in the leaves.

Kale on the run from the crazy woman who tried to cover him in leaves.

When she knew swinging was way more fun.

Then we climbed the climbing rock together. (Well actually I climbed it and then Kale was handed up to me.)

Kale's perfect ending to a trup to the park, a nice milky snack with a freezing cold Mama. Daddy brought us a blanket after taking a few pictures which kept us warm and snug.

I want up up up

Please pick me up up up
I want up up up
Please Mamaaaaaa pick me up

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I used to knit, then I had Kale. I miss knitting but haven't really found the time for it. Monday Jen and I were walking up Main Street and I happened upon a yarn store I didn't know existed. As soon as I walked in I knew I needed to buy something but I didn't have a pattern or project in mind. Seeing as it was October I went easy and bought some lovely orange and green Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. That did however set a deadline. Hat must be finished before Halloween. I dug out my pattern that day or the next and started knitting the 1 year old size but I am wary. It seems a little small and Kale's head agrees. Now I have to decide if I want to finish it and hope it is stretchy or tear it out and start again.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Learning to walk!

Kale has finally started taking his first steps!!!

In the living room...

In the entry way...

In the kitchen...

...and everywhere else he can!

Look Ma No Hands

Kale is grinning here with the sheer glee of being a biped.

and soon to be escape artist.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chilling with Daddy

He likes doing his simple shapes puzzle. All of the other puzzles hold no appeal so far.

Daddy is tickling my feet in an attempt to steal back his Game Boy (or more accurately DS Lite)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Today I Give Thanks for the Ability to Walk

Happy Thanksgiving! To end our busy busy weekend it was Thanksgiving today. We had our good friends (Kim David Alex and Grandma Block) over for the holday meal. Right before they
arrived I was giving Kale a nurse upstairs. When he heard them come in the door he stopped nursing right away and wanted to know who was here. He slid down off the bed and then simply walked across the room. He had taken a few steps two weekends before but it was 2 maybe three steps then and he was grunting with effort. These were his first real walking steps and Keva had missed it. I went down to share the news and set Kale down, he stood right up and walked again. For the rest of the afternoon and evening all he wanted to do was walk, from me to dad, from dad to whoever else was closest. He would get so excited that he was walking that he would lose his balance and crash to the ground but that did not at all deter him. We will try and get some video in the next few days but for now enjoy these pictures.

Kim and Alex before dinner.

Loading the plates (and trays) with yummy Thanksgiving goodies.

And a full table.
Kale enjoying his second taste of sugar, pumpkin pie.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Molly (and Sam)

Today was my birthday! I am an old woman now (28 for those not in the know). We had a pretty low key celebration with presents over breakfast and then headed out to Sam's 1st birthday party. We didn't manage to catch a picture of Sam at the party but here is a cute one of Kale and Sadie 'sharing' the walking toy.

We left the party with thoughts of Greek food in our heads but our favourite Greek Restaurant was closed in honour of Thanksgiving so we tried out a new Thai place. The food was good and even Kale was happy to be eating. The only drawback was they didn't have a high-chair so he was lap bound for the whole meal.

The past year has been an adventure and I definitely feel a year older. I can't wait to see what adventures the next year brings. Thanks for a lovely day go out to my wonderful boys Keva and Kale.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Moon Festival

October 7th has been a very busy day. We started out with the last Farmers Market, came home and then headed right back to Trout Lake for Chloe's birthday party. Walking towards home we stopped at the Moon Festival Harvest Faire to peak around figuring we would head home for a break before coming back for the Latern Parade. We didn't quite make home as there was Harvest Soup to be had and Bannock for those who aren't gluten free.

Kale pushed his stroller around while we ate on the lawn at Slocan Park.

We then joined the latern parade through the Ravine to the Renfrew Ravine Park.

Upon entering the park the evening turned magical. There were latern installations everywhere, hanging in the trees, floating in the river and hiding in the bushes. There were flame throwers and performers on stilts peaking out around the corners and drummers on the far side of the river. At the end of this winding trail of delight they were setting up for fireworks and live music for the grand finale latern performance.

Sadly Kale was crashing so we started our way back up the hill and home to bed. Kale fell asleep half way up the hill.

Chloe's Birthday

Chloe's actual birthday is the day after Kale's and she had her party today. Her papa bought her a fancy ball house for the party but she was a little wary of climbing in. Kale had no such hesitations though and a few moments after he had proven it safe she climbed right in and they had a blast playing in it (and knocking it over).

Kale and Chloe in the ball house.

Clara in the ball house.

The Last Farmers Market

Every Saturday all summer long we have been going to the Farmers Market at Trout Lake here in Vancouver. It is a wonderful market with fresh produce, meat, cheese (goat and cow) and baked goods (some of them even gluten free). Today was the last market of the year and I was quite sad but we had a great time and found lots to buy.

So much in fact that Kale and I had to wait with the piles while Keva went back for the car.

Kale found some boxes to play with while we were waiting and tried to entertain the Granola Kind with his antics.

Friday, October 06, 2006

and the 1st birthday has passed

After the big party this past weekend we had a very relaxing October 4 (the actually birthday) and didn't even take a single picture. Our little baby is fast becoming a boy and we are slowly accepting the fact that he is over a year old.

Here is a shot of him having a snack in his bear chair.

and unwrapping some presents from Auntie Robyn.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Before the Birthday Party

Keva's parents came out a few hours before the party to hang out with us, give us presents, and of course help us set up for the party.

Here is Kale pushing his present around the room. He didn't really get the concept of opening the present.

He did however love what was inside the box. While Keva was assembling the toy I had to hold Kale back he was so eager to get at it and start walking. He isn't sure whether walking it or being pushed while sitting on it is better but he loves the toy.

He also go this nifty bear chair and he sat right on it when we put them both in a box together.