Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey you, wanna fight?

I remember The Grouchy Ladybug (by Eric Carle) as a child -- it was always one of my favorite books. For those who don't know, it's about a grouchy ladybug who meets animals of increasing size (from other bugs up to a whale) and exclaims "Hey you - wanna fight? Oh, you're not big enough."

Recently, I started reading it to Kale. He is totally enthralled by it and has taken the whole story to heart. So, it shouldn't have surprised me at all when were grocery shopping last night (after reading the book):

Kale looked at the first customer we passed in the store - a polite-looking lady - and exclaimed to her "Hey you - wanna fight?" I looked terribly embarrassed and asked Kale to apologize to her. He looked back and her and said at top volume "HEY YOU - WANNA FIGHT? HEY YOU - WANNA FIGHT?? HEY YOU - WANNA FIGHT???"

Fortunately, she thought this was very amusing and broke into a boxing stance. Kale laughed and buried his head in my shoulder.