Sunday, February 19, 2006

Midwives in Seattle

We went down to Seattle this weekend for Kristianne's graduation from Seattle Midwifery School. We were so proud of her we forgot the camera in the car (sigh) but it was amazing to see her walking and officially taking on her new title as Midwife. It was an emotional event for me - watching my previous classmates graduate and seeing many of my former teachers, preceptors and administrators. It forced me to think about all of my emotions about leaving school and whether or not (or when) I want to return. Once I made it through the emotions it was reassuring to realize I didn't have any regrets about not being in school and that I was really glad I wasn't trying to do school and mommying at the same time.

The next day we had lunch with some friends. Kale was particularily smiley for Jane.

That evening we had dinner with some more friends (Dan and Deanna) and Kale let someone else hold him while he is sleeping. This is quite unusual. Deanna must have the momma touch.

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