Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Paranoid Mother/Midwife Syndrome

Keva has accused me of this and over the past few days I have been worried Kale hasn't been eating enough. Getting him to feed for more than 6 minutes (at one breast) before a long nap feels like an accomplishment. He seems to feel that a couple 3 minute gulps are all he needs.

Well apparently he is right. He and I ventured out by ourselves today and took the sky train 1 station to a Community Health Centre. They have a baby scale in the lobby where you can weigh your baby and then talk to a nurse if you have any concerns. Kale weighed in at 11 lbs 6 oz exactly. That is one pound up from where he was a week ago. I didn't think babies were supposed to gain a pound a week but I won't complain. And I will relax about his feeding habits. They are obviously working for him.

Tomorrow I think I will attempt to venture out again as there is a mom and baby group at this same health centre. Tomorrows topic is infant CPR which doesn't excite me but I figure it will be good to see other babies and mums if nothing else. Kale is waking up so I had better go.


Becky said...

I have paranoid pregnant woman syndrome - I'm glad to know it's normal, and continues into motherhood :)

I often ask Jason, "Do you think the baby's okay in there?"

*laugh* Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

We went through the exact same thing... turns out Alex is great and there is nothing to worry about.... you are not alone!

The Block.

Anonymous said...

Apound a week is good, Don't listen to them when they say they well sloww down. Still waiting for Lil to slow down! And be thankful he knows when to stop. Lil over ate at first then would projectile vomit! It was great;) Sounds like you are all doing great! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

He looks so big already! Most newborns still look all wrinkly and new-to-the-world for weeks after. He looks like a real baby. But I hope he's still spending time sleeping.

As for the breastfeeding, dunno if this helps any but mom said she had trouble with my falling back asleep after just a few minutes of nursing. Which is why I would then wake up pretty quickly. She was later told she should have woken me back up to feed more.

But it sounsd like he's progressing fine. And he's adorable. I swear he gets cuter in each photo. But I probably shouldn't swear around a baby, teehee!


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable and it sounds like he's doing great! I loved the pumpkin hat and just seeing all the pictures-- particularly keva and him singing. :) Much love to you all- emma

Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Hee, hee... Welcome to the insanity of motherhood! You can tickle him under the chin to get Kale to drink more, but a pound a week is great! I'm thinking he's just very efficient about it... give it time also. Gradually he'll nurse a little longer and have longer intervals between for play and sleep.

Anonymous said...

It's been almost a week and no new update.
I demand more baby news and pics!!