Tuesday, November 08, 2005

5 Week Weight...

I made my weekly trek to the Community Health Centre to weight Kale this morning (well actually more like lunch time). As I was heading there I vowed that this would be the last week. He will get weighed next week at the Midwives and after 6 weeks he will just end up being weighed at his Well Baby visits to the doctor rather than on such a regular basis.

So today he weight 13 pounds 8 oz (6123 grams). That is up 11 oz (312) from last week. Our chubby baby continues to get chubbier. Hard to believe he is already over a month old. It is funny how some days can go by slowly but the overall sense of time is overwhelming speed.

The past few days have been all about getting out of the house and getting good at changing diapers in washrooms (and the car when needed). We have breastfeed in parking garages, on the nice comfy recliners in a Sears Display area, at moms groups, and baby reunions. We spent most of Sunday out of the house and even ate dinner in a sit down restaurant. It was only Red Robin where we figured if he did start screaming it would blend in to the loud music and other dining famimlies. He slept through the whole meal though (happy on daddy's chest in the Baby Bjorn). Yesterday we left the house many times rather than staying out for an extended period. We drove Daddy to work, then we went to the Moms group, then we went to the library (in the Stroller!) and then we picked Daddy up from work. In and out of the carseat, In and out of the carseat. Luckily he seems to sleep in the carseat pretty well and we only had one screaming drive (a short one thanks goodness).

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Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

Sounds like you're getting the hand of being out and about with a baby. I can't wait to see you when you all come down next weekend!