Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Kale has a fever -

When I changed his diaper after seeing CRAZY at Movies for Mommies today I got really concerned that he was way to hot. He had been in his snow suit durring the movie so I left it off for the ride home and hoped he would cool off though it felt like more than that. When I got home and his fever was over 101 F I started to do the new parent panic. I dosed him with Tylenol then called Keva and the doctor.

Keva came home, the doctor called back and the fever is responding to Tylenol and going down. We are supposed to call the doctor again in the morning so see when we should come in so he can check Kale out and make sure it is nothing serious. Plus continue to dose him with Tylenol through the night to keep the fever down.

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