Tuesday, January 03, 2006

13 Week Weight

13 whole weeks, tomorrow Kale will be officially 3 months old. I still remember meeting a 3 month old baby when Kale was 2 weeks old and thinking they looked like a whole other species. Now I am there and it is hard to believe he was ever any different than he is. (Though every day I exclaim about something new he has accomplished...today he was grabbing his toes while Daddy was sitting him up in bed.)

We went to the drop in today and got weight. 16 lbs 9.5 oz (7.527 Kilograms). That is an increase of 14.5 oz over two weeks which is lovely. Keva had guessed he had gained over a pound because he definitely seemed chubbier but apparently all of this weight is chub.

Kale was in a great mood at the drop in today and smiled and talked at all the other babies. The last two times we went he had been really fussy so it was nice to see him actually interact (or at least try to) with the other babies. When he tried out his biggest smile on Sadie she looked away coyly. I guess she didn't feel like flirting.

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Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

How were your holidays? Where are the pics? Glad to hear Kale is doing well. We were thinking of coming to see you guys over New years weekend, but the kids and I were sick with a nasty cold and cough so we thought we'd better not. Sometime soon though, we've got to see the baby! Love to you all... K