Monday, January 09, 2006

Exersaucer Madness

This weekend we went to visit -

Jane for her birthday
Nikki at her parents house for the night and brunch the next morning
The Cook family for a spur of the moment drop in (and they managed to have a hand made baby blanket waiting - stylish with a stegosaurus)
Jen for Mexican lunch and a visit to her new apartment
and then Phil and Katie for Dinner and an overnight visit.

Katie brought out some of her younger baby toys for Kale and he was mesmerized by the exersaucer. He stayed happy in it for 40 minutes which may be a world record. Keva and I were all prepared to go buy one when she offered to loan us hers. We took her up on the offer! Thanks Katie.

You can see pictures of Kale in it on her blog:

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